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Achieving balanced in our democratic representation
between men and women

Mixed Territorial Representation Voting System

The mixed territorial representation voting system is a societalogical best practice1.

The mixed territorial representation voting system is not very different from our current system, since it involves only a few minor changes. However, they have a major impact not only on the presence of women in politics but its effects will ripple down and increase the quantity and quality of our actions to reduce the social and societal tensions, frictions and conflicts that women all over the world, including those living in our “developed societies” incur. 

In some case it will help maintain or strengthen the environment where women are free to develop as they wish. (Freedom), but in most cases it will help create this environment because they are not free at all.

In societies where women are freer, it will help reduce or ease the process by which we solve or manage the social and societal tensions, frictions and conflicts women experience:

– poverty
– gender Wage Gap
– sexual harassment
– violence
– discrimination

In the worst case women will be free to :

– develop as they wish,
– go to school,
– decide to get married or not? Decide with whom and when?

It will reduce

– human trafficking
-sexual mutilation
– etc.

Two minor changes

1 – Mix representation
2 – Territorial Merging

The first change is aimed at creating an equilibrium between the number of men and women present in the various legislative jurisdiction so that the electoral process does not impede on the freedom of a woman to have access to a woman representative when she wants. The second concerns the number of electoral districts.

Mix Representation.

In order to achieve parity in the representation of women and men, electors will have the choice to elect one man and one woman in their electoral district. Each district would then have two elected representatives.

Territorial Merging

In order to avoid doubling the number of elected representatives and thus doubling the operational costs of managing our societies, electoral territories would be merged two by two, thus reducing the number of districts by half.


 Applicability of this global practice

This practice is a global practice meaning that it can be applied anywhere. It can be applied when there are :

– local elections
– national elections 
– regional/provincial/state elections

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1  SOCIETALogy is a new management science specifically designed to study and evaluate societies and to help all citizens, including politicians, public administrators and other civic leaders,  better manage their societies, be they local, national or regional, provincial or state.