Toward Balanced Societies

If our societies are not in equilibrium, it is because some of the tools we use were crafted in such a way that the tools themselves created the imbalance.

For example when we first started to elect officials, our electoral system was created in such a way that women did not participate in the process. If women do participate in the process today, the tool we use to elect our representatives still creates the imbalance.

An other example relates to protection. Most countries have department of defense to protect themselves from possible attacks, but they do not have department of peace.

There are many other examples that Citizens & Societies will bring forward at a later time, but to start the process, Citizens & Societies will focus on these two issues.


To help solve these imbalances, Citizens & Societies is launching two challenges the 5050/ 2020 and the 192 challenges.

The 50/50-2020 Challenge

The 50/50-2020 Challenge is an equity challenge.

Its goal is to have Gender Balanced Legislative Assemblies1 or 50/50 men/women representation in our legislative assemblies. To achieve this we need to implement a new voting system named the Mixed Territorial Representation (MTR).  (Please view this page for more information.)

To implement the Mixed Territorial Representation (MTR), the bottom-up approach is to create 50 community groups that will promote the 50/50 men/women equilibrium by 2020 and work to implement. 

The 192 Challenge

This challenge is a peace challenge. Its objective is to ask all the 192 nations member of the United Nations to create a department of peace. The vast majority of these nations have a department of defense, but none has a department of peace.

This challenge is a bottom-up approach to create one department of peace per country. If you are interested in achieving this challenge, please follow this link. ( Coming soon) The Challenge is to create 192 national community groups to promote and implement this department of peace.

1 – This is a long-term goal. It will take about 50 years before all democratic electoral system, be they local, regional, provincial state or national, adapt the Mixed Territorial Representation.