Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

A vision statement is a statement that describes the conditions in which an organization is not needed anymore. In the case of Citizens & Societies, the vision statement is the following:

A world where all societies are in equilibrium, that is to say that societies facilitate the development of their citizens, and vice versa, in a sustainable  way.

Our Mission

A mission statement is a document that describes the work that needs to be accomplished so that a vision becomes a reality. In the case of Citizens & Societies, the mission is to:

Help citizens acquire the necessary personal, social and societal skills to ensure that their actions, whether individual, group or collective, are compatible with the development of a balanced society.

Our Goal

Considering that:

• the underlying goal of all societies is to prevent, resolve and manage the social and societal tensions, frictions and conflicts that naturally arise because we are social beings and we live in collectivities,

• The type of society that is most effective in achieving this goal is the balanced society.

• As Citizens we are all coowners of the societies we live in.

the goal of Citizens & Societies is to help us identify and use best practices which will make our societies, be they local, national or intermediate, balanced societies. To do this, the majority of our individual, group and collective actions must facilitate the:

• Development as well as the social and societal integration of our citizens.
• Functioning and development of our collectivities. 
• Functioning and development of our governments.

Domains of Intervention

Since citizenship is a profession that covers all the activities of the societies in which we live, there are as many domains of intervention as there are fields of activity. Citizens & Societies covers all areas of intervention. This includes, but is not limited to education, health in all its forms, elections, the functioning of our legislatures and our cabinets, ethics and morals, peace in the world and, of course, the economy.


In order to begin the process of dialogues and actions, Citizens & Societies  uses the following means:


• How to build balanced societies together? (In pre-order);
• How to become competent citizens together?
• Ethical and moral citizens.

Communities of practice

A community of practice is a forum where dialogues are conducted in a professional manner that involves constructive and respectful exchanges and where credible information sharing is common.

Local and National Chapters

In order to build balanced societies together, Citizens & Societies will partner with partners to create local or national chapters. It is from these chapters that we can coordinate our efforts and achieve our goal.

If you are interested and live in a urban area of more than 250 000 citizens, send-us an email.