Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

A vision statement is a statement that describes the conditions in which an organization is not needed anymore. In the case of Citizens & Societies, the vision statement is the following:

A global village where all our societies are in constant equilibrium, which means that our individual, group or collective actions facilitate the development as well as the social and societal integration of citizens and that citizens facilitate the functioning and development of our governments and societies.

Our Mission

A mission statement is a document that describes the work that needs to be accomplished so that a vision becomes a reality. In the case of Citizens & Societies, the mission is to:

share the necessary knowledge to help citizens develop their societal skills, identify societal best practices and implement those that have a higher Return on Societal Investment, (RSI)  thus those individual, group or collective actions that  are compatible with the development of a balanced society.

Our Goal

The goal of Citizens & Societies is to help us identify and implement best practices which will help our societies attain equilibrium as we try to meet our individual and collective needs.

To reach this equilibrium, the majority of our individual, group and collective actions must facilitate the:

• Development as well as the social and societal integration of our citizens.
• Functioning and development of our societies. 
• Functioning and development of our governments.


In order to achieve its goal, Citizens & Societies  uses the following mean:

Communities of practice

A community of practice (CoP) is a forum where dialogues are conducted in a professional manner that involves constructive and respectful exchanges and where credible information sharing is common.

Many professions use these communities: nurses, lawyers, engineers, etc.  Citizens & Societies is creating one for citizens. This is the first and only community of practice for citizens (CoPc) in the world.