Whether we are only 23 citizens living in Hum, the smallest city of the world, in Croatia, or 37 million citizens living in Tokyo, Japan, we created these cities and:

they are only the results of our individual, group and collective actions .

Whether we are only 421 citizens living in the least populated country in the word, the Vatican, or 1.4 billion citizens living in China, we created these countries and:

they are only the results of our individual, group and collective actions.

Wherever we live on our global village, all our societies are built through our actions.

Citizens & Societies is a new innovative social initiative that I started in 2005 and which I now manage as its Chief Knowledge Officer and Senior Facilitator. For more details on the process that led me to develop this new initiative, you can view my web site.

Using a new management science called SOCIETALogy and a knowledge management tool called a Community of Practice, a specialized discussion forum where participant try to identify best practices, Citizens & Societies facilitates the dialogues between citizens, including politicians, civic leaders and public servants, in order to find and implement individual, group and collective actions that will help us build balanced societies together.

For more information, you can read Citizens & Societies vision and mission statements.

If you want to participate in this unique community of practice, all you need to do is register.

I hope to see you there

Societally yours,

Denis Pageau
Citizens & Societies
Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
Lead Facilitator (LF)