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What can we do to increase our level of knowledge?

Started by Chief Practitioner, Apr 09, 2022, 09:10 AM

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Do you agree that the overall "Citizen Quotient" is low?

Definitively yes
I am not certain
Definitively not

Chief Practitioner

    After reading this small introduction on our state of unintentional ignorance, please:

  • Ask questions.
  • Share your comments. (Do you agree or disagree that there is a lack of knowledge?)
  • Make suggestions on how we can cure this societal cancer.
  • Vote (You can change your vote any time.)

Thank you

The more competent we are, the better our societies will be. Let's learn to make our societies better.

Denis Pageau

Naturally,  ;D I voted yes.  8)

The main reason stems from the fact that we were never told: 

  • What our role was as citizens and 
  • What this society we lived in was. 

Hence we do not know what knowledge we need to possess and what skills we need to develop in order to efficiently play our role of citizens in our societies.


I propose that we adapt our educational system so that its mission is to:

Quotehelp our children acquire the necessary knowledge and develop the appropriate skills so that when they graduate they are competent citizens. 

This means that they will be 

  • competent towards themselves, 
  • competent towards others
  • competent towards their societies
What do you think?
Societally yours,

Denis Pageau
Citizens & Societies
Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
Lead Facilitator (LF)

How to be read.

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  2. Use simple words
  3. Use small sentences
  4. Share one idea per small paragraph. 
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