The more competent citizens of a society are, the more successful their society is.

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We do not talk about political parties or religions in this community, we talk about:

 the knowledge and beliefs we use to create our goals, our objectives, our laws, rules and regulations as well as our customs and habits

to understand if their OUTCOMES on us, on our governments and on societies are positive  or negative .

If you are a political or a religious devotee, please leave your partisanship and your religious beliefs at the door as they are not useful here. If you can't do this, then don't registered as you will be viewed as a TROLL. :-( 


DRAFT - We are in Prelaunch mode - Thank you for your patience :-)

Welcome  to this  innovative learning and action oriented discussion forum.  

Although it looks like a regular discussion forum, in reality it is a community of practice for citizens built specifically to help us citizens, wherever we live on our global village, to better understand our role as citizens and our societies.

In the process we will be able to identify best practices and discuss how they could be implemented.

To guide our dialogues we define societies and citizenship this way.  

  • Societies are organizations. To be more precise, they are associations, and they belong to us.  
  • Citizenship is a profession.  To be more precise, it is a profession associated with the management of our societies, which as I mentioned above, belong to us.

As for any organizations, the following is also true:

  • The more competent we are as citizens, the better our societies will be.
  • The better are our societies, the more competent we are.

Since we are coowners of the societies we live in, the goal of the community is thus to help us acquire the knowledge and develop the abilities that we need to possess so that we can play our role constructively and thus become competent citizens.

There are five levels of competence :

  • novice
  • beginner
  • competent
  • proficient
  • expert

When we graduate from high school, we should all be competent citizens.

Politicians and public servants should be proficient or experts.

Furthermore, the dialogues in this community of practice for citizens (CoPC) must help us identify the various practices that will facilitate the :

1 - development as well as the social and societal integration of citizens,
2 - development and functioning of our societies, and the
3 - development and functioning of our governments

The more a practice helps us achieve these objectives, the higher its Return on Societal Investment (RSI) will be. The practices that have a higher RSI are labeled best practices.

By participating in this community, you understand that your role is to participate in the dialogue to help the community identify the various best practices that can be used to make our societies better societies.

Thank you for joining this innovative initiative.

Denis Pageau
Independent researcher
I study societies as organizations.
I also study citizenship as a profession

To study both subject, I use a new management science named SOCIETALogy.

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