The more competent citizens of a society are, the more successful their society is.

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Citizens and Societies

Welcome to the 1st ever community of practice for citizens. (CoPc)

Citizens and Societies is proud to invite you to participate in the 1st ever community of practice for citizens. (CoPc) Communities of practice are tools used by professionals to achieve two goals:

  • learn to become better professionals and 
  • make their organizations better. 

Citizenship is our first profession

Societalogically speaking, societies are a form of organizations, they are associations to be precise, and they belong to us

Hence, as associates we need to acquire the necessary knowledge and acquire the appropriate skills that will help us better play our role of citizens. Participating in a CoP is thus the perfect place to learn how to be better citizens and how to make our societies better.   

The more competent we are the better our societies will be. 

This is the goal of this community. By participating in this CoPc you will learn to better understand your societies and the role you play as citizens. From this new  understanding, you will be able to identify and implement the best practices that are suitable for your society. 

As Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Facilitator, I will use the knowledge of a new management science specifically design to help citizens :

  • become more competent citizens 
  • build more performing societies 

This new science called SOCIETALogy, fills a gap in our scientific knowledge.  

Indeed although there are many management sciences that study business, no for profit, public and private organizations, up until now. there were no science  to help us manage our societies and guide us to become better citizens. 

This new science brings many benefits including the development of models, but one of the most important benefits is that it clarifies many concepts that we use daily, but were never clearly defined before.

This new lexicon is the heart of this CoP. It makes it possible for us to have constructive, positive and respectful dialogues. (CPR) In our modern day and age, CPR is what our societies need if we want to reach a sustainable social order.  

If you want to learn more about societies and citizenship, you are invited to join the community and be part of the movement.

Societally yours  

Denis Pageau
Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
Lead Facilitator (LF)

What's up?


Citizens & Societies

3rd update - May 6th 



We have just begun our soft-launchHere are the sections that are open or will be opened soon: 



Cultivating Trust

  Introduce Yourself Share with us who you are, where you come from and what are the things you like and don't like in your society.
  Present Your Organization  For organizational members only.

Understanding Citizenship and Societies

  Identifying our collective goal and objectives? What goal should we achieve and what objectives should we meet in order to attain our goal?  Vote, comment and ask questions. (To come) 


Identifying the competences that we need to possess. 

Societies are only the result of our individual, group and collective action. What competences should we possess so that our actions are compatible with our collective objectives. Vote, comment and ask questions. (To come) 


Understanding the cancers that plague our societies


Unintentional Ignorance

Share with us who you are, where you come from and what are the things you like and don't like in your society.


Our Electoral Processes 

Our electoral processes do not work for us anymore. We need to redesign them.


Our Freedom of Expression

For a freedom of expression free of oppression. Until we create an environment that fosters a positive use of this freedom of expression, we will not be able to meet equilibrium.




Hatred against governments

Some citizens view governments as a monster instead of a tool to create an environment that helps us achieve our individual and collective needs while creating or maintaining an equilibrium, between social order and liberty. 

Over Accumulation

When accumulation becomes counterproductive it becomes a cancer. 

Understanding Citizens & Societies 

  Vision Vote, comment and ask questions, 
  Mission Vote, comment and ask questions. 
  Values (To come) 
  Strategies (To come)
  Home Page Here you can share your impression on C&S Home Page
  Volunteering Do you want to help make this innovative social initiative.
News and Cartoons 


What's new? 


Societal Cartoons

An image is worth a thousand words. Share with us an image that talks to you. 

How to be read.

  1. Use our definitions
  2. Use simple words
  3. Use small sentences
  4. Share one idea per small paragraph. 
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